It’s no secret that churches are losing the battle of masculinity. We have more men that are walking further away from God. We have women and children growing up without a father figure in their life. We have too many families broken because we are not reaching men and pushing them to stand up and follow Christ. WE, the church, are failing to reach men.  Churches have not seen much success in a Men’s Ministry program that creates deep and meaningful relationships among men to challenge each other to a deeper walk with Christ. We see a feel good attitude on a Sunday morning that doesn’t translate to widespread passion among men for following Christ. Many men get lulled into an apathetic Christianity because it is easy to show up on a Sunday or do our “jobs” at the church without being pushed outside our comfort zone to reach the world for Christ. WE ARE FAILING TO REACH MEN!


            So what do we do? Howardsville Gospel Chapel is starting a program called Fight Club that is meant to reach these men and challenge them to a deeper walk with Christ. The only goal we have with this is program is simple: to get men on fire for Jesus. We have a world that is pulling our men away from God, and we need to combat this with strategies to bring them back. We believe that to get men on fire for God we need to utilize strategies for getting them pumped up and give them opportunities to develop deep relationships with other godly men. We need to be as iron sharpening iron in Proverbs 27:17 and holding each other accountable for our lives. We are inviting men from other area churches to join us in the venture. Let’s break it down!    


The Goal of Fight Club is “To help men to have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and build a brotherhood with other men in our church”.


            Jim Brown, the founder of Fight Club tells us this. “Fight Club is a men’s discipleship resource developed by men, for men, to reach men- to turn the tide on mediocrity and cause men to stand and say “not on my watch!”


            Fight Club is a 10-week program that is designed to challenge men in four key areas. Those areas include Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, and Relational.  Each week the assignments are made in each of these areas to challenge men to become more disciplined. It will test men in ways they have never been tested before. It will force them to do things that they might never attempt on their own. We have squad leaders at HGC who have been through the program (including our pastor) who have seen firsthand what this program can do for men’s spiritual walks. This program is able to really help men strive to become the leader of their families and future leaders in our church. It includes assignments for family time, sharing with an accountability partner, praying with a stranger, and many other aspects that are designed to push us outside our comfort zone and listen to the Holy Spirit in His promptings.



Thank you,


Ryan Brimmer-Fight Club Leader

269-816-3950 Cell

Howardsville Gospel Chapel

Marcellus, MI